Thank you for listening to "Leadership Within the Family Unit" on VoiceAmerica Radio hosted by Robin LaCross (Parenting is full of challenges- effective appreciation and apology helps the whole family navigate life's ups and downs as a united team, making the journey much more enjoyable...)

In this powerful free infographic, Annie Hyman Pratt shares 3 simple steps to effectively appreciate and apologize.

Who is Annie Hyman Pratt?

Annie Hyman Pratt, is the master at developing Leaders and Teams that drive rapid growth and sustainable results – so Entrepreneurs can work on the strategic and visionary aspects of their business – and have the time, freedom, and impact they desire.  

Annie more than 10x’d her family business – The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – taking it from 7 domestic “Mom & Pop Shops” to an International Brand of 70+ stores, all in 7 years time. She then lead the company through a highly successful sale.  

Annie spent the next 2 decades as a Top-Tier Business Consultant specializing in “Rapid Growth and Change”. She has since worked with 50+ entrepreneurial companies – in diverse industries – guiding them through virtually every challenge and growth stage imaginable.  

No other leadership or team development consultant comes close to Annie’s level and scope of experience. Her track record of success stems from her unique approach to business strategy, structure, systems, finance, and the “missing link” of human behavior that brings it all together.  

Whatever challenges you may be facing in your business, Annie has likely seen it – and solved it.  

Some of Annie’s clients include high-level, fast-growth entrepreneurs like: Jeff Walker, Lisa Sasevich, Susan Peirce Thompson, Erico Rocha, Christian Mickelsen and Reid Tracy.


Inside You'll Learn:

Three Steps to follow when expressing appreciation to your children, so they are left feeling truly seen for their positive contribution...(and encouraged to keep up their good behavior)

Three steps on how to deliver an effective apology...(modeling for your children the best ways to clean up their missteps)

Use this guide in all your relationships, personal and professional...(effective appreciation and apology leaves everyone feeling more respected and valued)

Annie Hyman Pratt - CEO Leading Edge Teams