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In this powerful free guide, Annie Hyman Pratt (aka - "The Team Whisperer") has put together some of her top "Pro Performance Tips" to help you - and your team - take your business to the next level. Enjoy! 

Who is Annie Hyman Pratt?

Annie Hyman Pratt, often called the “Team Whisperer”, is an expert at helping business owners and their teams achieve rapid and sustainable growth. She helps entrepreneurs get back the time to work on the strategic and visionary aspects of their business – while still having the freedom and impact they desire.  

Whatever challenges you may be facing in your business, Annie has likely seen it – and solved it. Since taking her family business - The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - from seven regional stores to an international brand, she’s guided dozens of companies – in various markets – through virtually every challenge & growth stage imaginable.  

Some of Annie’s clients include high-level, fast-growth entrepreneurs like: Jeff Walker, Lisa Sasevich, Justin Livingston, Ryan Levesque, Christian Mickelsen and Reid Tracy.

Inside You'll Learn:

The 6-Step Delegation Framework (to get things done right the first time)... (and completely avoid work that's done poorly, done late, or not done at all)

How to Get Your Team to Really Step Up... (and take ownership of the results they get in your business)

Reclaim Your Time... (and get back to doing the important strategic work that only you can do - without giving up your freedom or lifestyle)

Annie Hyman Pratt - "The Team Whisperer"